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Friday, December 27, 2013

Snow Removal

Club Concierge Montreal offers competitive rates with a superior service for all your snow removal needs! Call now, we can help! 514-268-5938

Festive Bartending in Senneville

Club Concierge Montreall caters to a surprise Christmas/Birthday party in Senneville over the weekend. Thanks once again Victoria Druelle for hosting a wonderful event.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays from Club Concierge Montreal

On behalf of our staff here at Club Concierge Montreal, we would like to take the time and wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year. Thank you for supporting our company and have a safe and joyful holiday season!

Early Morning Delivery

Today we are transporting our bar to a private Christmas party.


Here we have our master tiler hard at work applying a beautiful 1' X 2' brick tile that gives the floor a masculine modern touch.

Pet Service

Our handy butler Jon is catering to the Hudson and St-Lazare area for all your pet care needs.

Wall Prep

As our final coat of plaster finishes drying, it's time to prepare our new walls for sanding and applying a coat of primer.

Designer Tile Pick-up

While it's -25 in Montreal this morning we still made our tile pick-up at Ramacieri Soligo. Our team loaded up 2 tons of designer tile and now we're off to our Plateau project to start the install.

Choosing The Right Colors

We have chosen the color scheme for our kitchen renovation. We went with a large porcelain tile for the floor and a darker quartz for the counter tops and backsplash. We also chose a beautiful glass tile for the accent wall that has a variety of earth tones to tie everything together.

A Club Concierge Christmas Staff Party 2013

I would like to take the time and thank all of our staff here at Club Concierge Montreal for participating in our Christmas party that transpired over the weekend.It was definitely one to remember. Also a special thanks to our event department for making things so memorable.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Ready For Moldings

Today our team finishes capping all the windows and prepares to put up the moldings.

Moving Along

As our second coat of plaster get applied, we are starting to see everything come together.

Pet Service

Our pick-up and drop-off service lets members get things done hassle free. Here are two of our members dogs going for a quick walk before the groomers.

Applying Plaster

Applying our first coat of plaster.

Installing New Windows

We are ready to install the windows at our job in the Plateau. This will be the final step to properly insulate the kitchen. 

Getting Ready For Plaster

The gyprock and corners are done, time to call in the plaster guy to finish up!

Let`s Get Optimized

Is your website mobile friendly? If not you may be up for a surprise. We highly recommend Let's Get Optimized for all your web design needs.

Special Deliveries

Here is one of our butlers delivering flowers to a members' loved one over the weekend.

Installing Gyprock

Our Plateau project is coming along great, we have finished running the electricity and installing insulation in the walls. Now it's time to install our gyprock and put up the spotlights.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Mosaic Tiling Montreal. Looking for a Master Tiler?

Looking for that Perfect Mosaic tile design? Well feel free to browse our Mosaic tile gallery that our Master tiler has designed for our clients in 2013. Our Master Tiler has combined the art of tiling with his keen sense of design to allow for a Mosaic tile piece that will have your guests envious.

Our Mosaic tiling services are 100% custom ordered, how it works is you call in for an evaluation(free of course) then we will have a one on one consultation to discuss what and where you need done. Then once will have all the info we simply pick a date and voila you have your own custom Mosaic tile Masterpiece to enjoy!

All of our work is guaranteed to last the test of time so your piece will always light up the room. Mosaic tiling has always been our specialty at Club concierge, so much that our Master tiler keeps himself pretty busy. We offer references to each tile piece that we ever made. We have been blessed to work with the dozens of interior designers providing specialized accent pieces inside their customers’ homes.

Our Master tiler will bring your room alive with that perfect accent piece, guaranteed to captivate your guests. Club concierge’s Master tiler works with all tiling product including:

  • Granite tile
  • Marble tile
  • Slate tile
  • Porcelain tile
  • Glass tile
  • Natural stone tile
  • limestone tile
  • Travertine tiles
  • Terracotta tiles

It’s simple! If you want it, you get it! Feel free to look here for some ideas.

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Mademoiselle Clifford's English Tea Room & Floral Emporium

Club Concierge Montreal's Perfect Gift Idea: Harney & Sons Fine Teas available at Mlle Clifford English Tea Room and Florist.

Tile and Grout Maintenance

Club Concierge Montreal's Maintenance Tip of the week: Remember to properly clean and seal your tile grout in the shower minimum once a year! Keep your tile looking great and protect surrounding areas in your home at the same time.


Our kitchen renovation in the Plateau is progressing. The walls are framed and the floors are level, now it's time to run the wiring for the custom spot lights.

Personal Shopper

Need help with your Christmas shopping? Our personal shoppers are helping our members cross items off their Christmas wishlists.

Leveling Floors

As we head into a busy week, we start by leveling the floors to lay a double layer of plywood for our kitchen renovation.

Vetements Facade

Hudson's one stop shop for all your haute couture needs. Vetements Facade 532 main road.

Antonello Meubles Design

Here we have displayed one of many beautiful dinning room sets available at Club Concierge's top designer furniture store located in Laval. Stop in for all your interior design needs. — at Antonello Meubles Design.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Planning a Christmas party? Looking for a Bartender?

Club Concierge Montreal is proud to mention that we offer Professional Bartender services right in your home or Business. When hiring one of our professional Bartenders you will receive our reputable Club Concierge Montreal  in house bartenders that will be sure to please. We also offer wine tasting services for events. We know how to bring a party alive, sure to please your guests. Having a bartender for your Company’s Christmas Party would turn your event into one you and your staff will remember for years to come! Club Concierge Montreal has the bartender that you are looking for, Guaranteed. We also offer bus boys and clean up services for when that party go a little wild! When reserving a bartender for your private event or function Club Concierge has everything covered you name it we do it you simply have to chose the right bartender for the right party.

Here we list events that we cover:

Christmas and New Years parties
Birthday parties
Staff parties
Bar mitzvahs
Surprise parties
Stag and Bachelorette
Private functions or events

Bringing the party alive is what we do best! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We also offer a pretty good size reference list of current customers that rely on our services to entertain their friends and family on a regular basis.

Sincerley the Staff of Club Concierge Montreal

Frame and Insulate

As we move into day 2 of our kitchen reno, our contractors are finishing up the framing to start installing the insulation in the walls.

Prostate Cancer Awareness

The Movember men strike back! Must watch this video! Please do not try this as these actors are trained professionals. Movements like theirs need our support, so give generously to the cause. They are making a difference, make sure you do too! 

Donations to The Movember Men of Montreal:


A New Project Begins

Today is demo day and we are stripping down the kitchen and bathroom and removing the interior walls so we can properly frame and insulate.

Decoration Installation

Need help hanging your Christmas lights or decorations? Our handy butlers can help get your home ready for the holidays, give us a call today! 514.268.5938

Studio NOO Design

We are starting a new project in the Plateau, a designer kitchen by Studio NOO Design- Interior Design.

Bistro Carambola

Simply amazing food and always a great time at Bistro Carambola.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Varnishing Hardwood Floors

We finished these hardwood floors with a Bona Traffic water based varnish to give it a great durability and a beautiful finish to last for many years.

Upcoming Project

We have just received the plans for our project in Hawkesbury. We start building in the spring.

Vetements Facade

Looking for the perfect gift? Vetements Facade has some great holiday gift ideas for all the ladies on your shopping list!

Our Small Job Of The Week

Fixing a retaining wall for one of our members in Hudson Club. 

Foundation Problems?

Our contractor is waterproofing and insulating our clients foundation before winter. 

Staining Hardwood floors

Applying a dark Jacobean stain to these freshly refinished hardwood floors. 

Waiters & Bartenders for your Holiday Celebrations!

The perfect party or event has a perfect service. Our WAITERS & BARTENDERS will cater to your guests every need and surpass expectations. Waiters with over 10 years of experience will open the door and greet guests, take jackets, serve and help clean up, along with any other task you may require. This is where our Butlers shine! 

Give us a call to start planning your holiday celebrations now! 514-268-5938

Sanding Hardwood Floors

Handy Butler Tom in action.

Stainless Steel

Finishing a backsplash and installing a range hood. What do you think about this stainless steel look?