Club Concierge Montreal

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Personal Assistant

In the midst of your busy daily schedule, little things can mean a lot. Our discreet personal assistants will take that list of time-consuming errands off your hands: Picking up prescriptions, groceries and dry cleaning, selecting the ideal gift for a friend or loved one, making phone calls on your behalf – it all gets magically taken care of by a trusted professional, leaving you free to focus on other priorities.


Our handy Butlers organized and assisted with the installation of a new roof. A special thanks to Materiaux Pont-Masson for supplying us with lifetime warranty shingles.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner! Our Butlers are pulling up their sleeves and preparing themselves for all the seasonal spring cleaning that you have in store! We offer residential cleaning and property maintenance with our equipped team of Butlers.

Accent Wall

Hudson Holmes just finished tiling a great accent wall in our members' basement. 

If you're thinking about renovating, give us a call and we can turn your ideas into reality.

At Home Massage

Take the time to relax and treat yourself to a soothing massage in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Artesian Well Installation

We had a great start on a new project on Rigaud mountain installing a culvert and Forage St-Denis installing a 350 foot artesian well.

Central Vacuum Service

Whether for an annual maintenance, filter change or any other problem, Aspirateurs LB is at your service and ensures a peace of mind when it comes to your central vacuum system.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Chimney Clean

One of our members hadn't cleaned their chimney in a while and was starting to worry.

For a peace of mind, we recommend a seasonal cleaning of your chimney to remove flammable creosote that can put your home in danger.


Windows frame the entire look and feel of a home. Over the weekend our handy Butlers were installing modern windows that were designed by us.


Helping one of our members take down their tempo and get ready for a spring clean-up.


Taking care of our members' last minute move over the weekend with help from the experts at Demenagement Excellence.

Interior Design

Studio Noo Design and our team of Butlers collaborated to create a unique lighting system within one of our member’s homes! Check out the customized lighting setup below! Also, check out for new ideas!


We've been helping out one of our clients with their new projects and here is an implantation of their house on their land. This survey is the key aspect to get a grasp of where your house will be positioned on your land.

Custom Curtains

One of our members requested for customized curtains to be created and installed for their home! Special Thanks to Studio NOO Design for designing and supplying the curtains!

Wine Orders

We have just received a shipment of this great tasting French Bordeaux wine, Chateau de Sours, for our members.

Laura Secord

Our recommended gift for Easter, Laura Secord chocolates!

Windshield Replacement

One of our members had their windshield replaced at home for at least 30% less than the competitors. We highly recommend Robot Vitres d'Autos for their great service and great prices.