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Friday, January 31, 2014

How To Entertain Your Guests For The Big Game

Having Friends over this weekend for the Big Game? We have some tips to help you create the perfect Super Bowl experience.

Your guests need somewhere to kick-back and watch the game.

Mini sandwiches, cheese and meat platters, veggies and dip, soup, chilli, all kinds of chips with salsa and guacamole, and any other finger foods you'd like to eat during the game... let your guests bring in some of their favorites too!

Serve a variety of drinks including water and sodas, and of course BEER and lots of it, and don't forget about wine!

Welcoming Our Newest Member

Let's welcome our members' newest addition to the family, Bruce the miniature Yorkshire Terrier!

Butlers At Your Service

Will you be entertaining guests for the Super Bowl? Need an extra hand? 

Hire a BUTLER for the evening, and let us worry about keeping your hands full during the game. 514.268.5938

Super Bowl XLVIII

The Super Bowl XLVIII will be taking place on February 2nd at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey between AFC champion Denver Broncos and the NFC champion Seattle Seahawks. Kickoff scheduled for 6:25pm Eastern Time with halftime performances by Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

Will you be following the Super Bowl this year? Which team do you think will be the NFL champion for the 2013 season?

Super Bowl Menu

Place your order NOW!

Great menu for the Super Bowl offered by The Main Kitchen. Perfect for any last minute planners out there!

Finishing Touches

We are back in the Plateau. The cabinets have been installed and Studio NOO Design- Interior Design's kitchen is coming together. We will be focusing on detail and the finishing touches.

Updated Bathroom

Here's a great little bathroom we just finished. We installed new waterproof floating floors and gave the room a fresh coat of paint.


We are finishing up the grout for our herringbone backsplash. We chose a soft sandy color to blend it all together.

Prevent Water Pipes From Freezing This Winter

Our handy plumber is fixing burst water pipes this morning. Pipes freeze due to quick drops in temperature, poor insulation and thermostat set too low. By keeping your house warm and making sure you have good water pressure, you are doing your part at preventing a pipe disaster!

Bartenders For Your Events

Bartending over the weekend for one of Montreal's fabulous interior designers. We featured a few of our favorite drinks: the classic dirty martini and our new creation cucumber tea martini. What an awesome night!

Penny Bar Rental

We are getting ready for a busy weekend. We are delivering our penny bar to a private party in St-Lazare.

Friday, January 24, 2014


Today we begin a new project in St-Lazare. We will be starting off in the kitchen adding a backsplash and giving the room a fresh coat of paint. For the backsplash we chose a Tuscany Ivory tile and a herringbone pattern. Stay tuned for the finished product!

Floor Installation

Want new floors? Save on installation costs by installing floating floors, it's so easy you can do it yourself! Our handy butler is covering up some old tile to save our client the time and cost of ripping up the old floor.

Home Maintenance

Helping a real estate agent clear a path to their customers home. Our home maintenace service is there to assist and help anyone with any type of home related task. From fixing a doorknob to changing a lightbulb or even clearing a pathway, our handy butlers are always here to help!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Executive Suites

For weekend getaways in the heart of Montreal, week long stays for clients or monthly rentals for temporary living solutions, our Executive Suites offer upper quality condo living in a private, stylish and luxurious environment.

Tempo Installation

Installing a tempo for one of our members in St-Lazare. A great investment and a simple solution to keeping your car out of the elements throughout the winter months.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Ice Fishing

A fun day ice fishing with friends and family over the weekend.

Igloofest Montreal

Igloofest has returned and is bringing in more electronic music fans every year to dance under the stars in the beautiful Old Port of Montreal. Igloofest is one of the hottest events in the city, bringing in the best local and international DJs. Don't miss out, Igloofest is only here Thursday to Saturday, January 16-17-18, 23-24-25, 30-31 and February 1st, 6-7-8, 2014.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Domaine Migrateur

Enjoying a nice evening ice fishing with our ice fishing guide Mathieu and his family.

Old Port Project Update

Adding extra support and elegance to the bathroom cabinets.

Custom Etched Mirrors

We have had the pleasure of working with a great local artist that custom designs bar style mirrors. Feel free to ask us about pricing and availability.

Thank You!

One of our members takes advantage of one of many beautiful golf courses in Florida. Thank you for sending us a picture!

Safety First!

We are salting a clients driveway today in St-Lazare to make sure it is safe when they return from their vacation tomorrow.

House Sitting Service

We would like to take the time to remind everyone about Club Concierge Montreal's house sitting service. Our clients rely on our presence at their home while they are out of town. 

Our most popular service is the weekly inspection. A weekly inspection allows us to drop by your property just to make sure everything is OK.

Our service includes clearing pathways and inspecting the roof and plumbing to avoid any issues.

Wine Tasting

We will be catering to a small wine tasting party this weekend at a clients' home in St-Lazare. We will be starting the night with a 2003 Hermitage Vidal-Fleury. Should be quite an event.


Choosing the right grout is crucial when tiling. Here we chose a lightly darker grey to accent our tiles. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Personal Shopper

An essential service for those with a giving heart but no time to give!

A specialty of our Montreal Butlers is finding that perfect, unique gift for that special someone in your life. Our many partnerships allow us to have gift ideas and products that are extraordinary which you may not even know exist.

Going a step further, our Corporate Shopper allows you to keep track of your clients favorite gifts, a case of wine for example, shipped to them for their anniversary or to thank them for their business. 

Personalized shopping allows you the time to write the card that says it all while leaving the running around and wrapping to us! From custom baskets, the toy of the year or gifts for all your employees let our shopper complete your wish list this year. 

Mosaic Tiling

Mosaic tiling allows you to look at your house differently and maybe feel a little bad to walk all over this fine work. But that's OK. Let us amaze you with custom tiling that turns your floor into works of art. 

Our master tilers will impress you with the quality mosaic they can embellish your home with. Look down and see beauty, see something that represents what you find beautiful.  

A little mosiac in your home makes a world of difference!

Personal Trainer

We will help you get started with a personal trainer. You have the option to build a routine at the gym, or have private training in your home. Regardless of your decision, we’ll help you meet all of your fitness goals.

One of the most common excuses for a lack of physical activity is, “I just don’t have the time”. Engaging the services of one of our dedicated personal trainers can help motivate you to carve out some you-time and adhere to a regular, custom-designed fitness regime.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Our Biggest Promoters

Club Concierge always goes above and beyond for their clients. Sometimes our clients have a special way of paying us back for our hard work. Here are two of our members promoting Club Concierge while on their vacation in Costa Rica. Here is our take away: Give your customers everything and more by under promising and over delivering and then you will have your customers as your biggest promoters! 

Let's Get Optimized

Does your website need updating? Do you need to drive more traffic? We can help, visit our web designers at for all your web design/optimization needs!

Restoring An Old Heater

We chose to restore a vintage heater to custom fit our modern kitchen design in our Plateau project.

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How To Build A Bar

We put together a slide show video for anyone looking to build their own bar. For all you DIY type of people we thought this might help. This slide show is from our penny bar we made last year!


We are back to work in the plateau to finish up painting. We chose a nice calm white pallet to complement our accent wall.

House Sitting

We can make regular home visits to ensure that everything is looked after in your absence. If its watering your plants, feeding your pet fish, or to shovel your walkway, your Butler will make sure your home is ready for you when you get back.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Window Seating

Sometimes the finishing touches are the most important. As we finish up the moldings we customized our clients windows to incorporate a beautiful bench. We are innovators of custom design. Our designers are always there to assist you with ideas and the planning of your project.

Happy New Year

From all of us here at Club Concierge Montreal, we wish you all the best in the year 2014!

Custom Shelving

Sometimes thinking outside the box while doing renovations really pays off. Check out these custom shelves we built into our clients' old doorframe.