Club Concierge Montreal

Monday, March 25, 2013

Errands & Deliveries

In the midst of your busy daily schedule, little things can mean a lot. Our discreet personal assistants will take that list of time-consuming errands off your hands: Picking up prescriptions, groceries and dry cleaning, selecting the ideal gift for a friend or loved one, it all gets magically taken care of by a trusted professional, leaving you free to focus on other priorities.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Home Security

Allow a seasoned professional to revise your premise and offer installed solutions for your home security. From cameras, to security management over the internet, there are solutions for every household need. Ask us for more details.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Montreal Suites

For weekend getaways in the heart of Montreal, week long stays or monthly rentals for temporary living solutions, our Executive Suites offer upper quality condo living in a private, stylish and luxurious environment.

St-Patricks Day Parade 2013

A great day with friends and family at our first St-Patrick's Day parade. A special thanks to the Hudson Irish committee for organizing such a great parade! 

s throughout the parade!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Manipulation & Transportation of High-End Pieces

One of our members required specialized transportation to move an expensive piece of marble from their home. Our team of Butlers custom built a large crate and carefully packaged the item, to ensure that it would be transported without any problems. The professionals at Demenagement Excellence were able to carefully move and transport the piece safely to its new destination.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Pet Service

We all love our pets, but we may not always have the time to tend to their many needs. From daily walking, grooming sessions to obedience classes, short or long-term boarding arrangements and veterinarian appointments, our animal care specialists make sure the four-legged members of your family receive the utmost care and attention whenever it’s required.

We can schedule appointments and make arrangements to take your pets to the vet or even for a trip to the groomers’. 

Custom Crating

Custom crating for high valued pieces of art and furniture.

Let our specialists move your valuable pieces of art or statues. We can create proper crating and shipping arrangements so that your fine pieces of art arrive in pristine condition.
From paintings to an expensive piece of granite, we can insure its safety throughout any type of transportation or storage.

Waiters and Bartenders

Catering right to your home along with full service waiters and bartenders for your personal events.

With our prestigious bartending services and our network of renowned caterers, our waiters and bartenders will cater your guest’s every need and surpass your expectations with their entertaining ideas!
Our Butlers are there to assist  to any of your entertainment needs.  

Let us be of service, hire a Butler.

Home Maintenance & Repairs

  • Does your house have a high chandelier with only one remaining light bulb that works, a tap that drips late into the night, a pearl white painted room that now looks like antique beige or windows that mask the natural beauty of outside?

    With so much involved in keeping your home looking its best, it can feel like that to-do list might never get done.
    Small repair jobs are not of interest to the specialists that are needed to correct these minute but important nuisances in your home. Our Butlers however always care for your most elite well-being. No longer worry about any aspect of your house, no matter how small. If it bothers you, let us know! We will make it our top priority.

 Small repairs and minor fix-it tasks are easily done in no time. We make sure every area of your house feels like home, sweet home!

Custom Wine Cellars

·      Custom design wine cellars for custom tastes. From 50 to 2,500 bottles, we can create it!

      Allowing your hobby to grow into a passion, we can make the design that fits your lifestyle. Custom wine Cellars by our connaisseurs for all custom tasters. 

Personal Shopper

An essential service for those with a giving heart but no time to give!
A specialty of our Montreal Butlers is finding that perfect, unique gift for that special someone in your life. Our many partnerships allow us to have gift ideas and products that are extraordinary which you may not even know exist.
Going a step further, our Corporate Shopper allows you to keep track of your clients favorite gifts, a case of wine for example, shipped to them for their anniversary or to thank them for their business.
 Personalized shopping allows you the time to write the card that says it all while leaving the running around and wrapping to us! From custom baskets, the toy of the year or gifts for all your employees let our shopper complete your wish list this year. 

Mosaic Tiling

Mosaic tiling allows you to look at your house differently and maybe feel a little bad to walk all over this fine work. But that's OK. Let us amaze you with custom tiling that turns your floor into works of art.

       Our master tilers will impress you with the quality mosaic they can embellish your home with. Look down and see beauty, see something that represents what you find beautiful. 

A little mosiac in your home makes a world of difference!