Club Concierge Montreal

Friday, August 30, 2013

Old Port Project

Here we are installing these beautiful 3D LED TVs.

Old Port Project

We saved our customer 5 and a half inches of room in the kitchen by inserting her fridge into the wall. What a great finish!

Demenagement Excellence

Thank you to Demenagement Excellence for helping us move one of our members studio apartment in the Old Port.

Old Port Project

The appliances have arrived. Only 3 more days 'till our deadline.

Airbrush Classes

Discover your artistic side at Ecole d'airbrush René Côté and learn how to master the techniques of airbrushing.

Local Artist

The latest works by local artist Rene Cote.

Old Port Project

One of our specialists installing custom stainless steel blinds.

Club Concierge Montreal's First Annual Fishing Excursion

Trout fishing at Pourvoirie L'Auberge La Barrière in Sainte-Émélie-de-l'Énergie. 

Old Port Project

Thank you to CNS Renovation for helping us paint and install the door frames.

Old Port Project

It's grouting time! How do you like our design?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Pet Services

Keep your pet in tip top shape even when you're not there!

Our Butlers go to your home and pick-up, walk and get your four legged friend out of breath and into shape as many times a week as you would like.

Old Port Project

We are adding a border to crop off our design in the guest bathroom.

Old Port Project

A simple yet elegant checkered floor adds a touch of class to the master bathroom.

Old Port Project

We are making our design for the floors and begining to make our cuts.

Cleaning Services

Let our professionals give you a hand with your home cleaning and spend your free time doing what you love instead of tidying up your home.

The Main Kitchen

Local gourmet take out and catering company, The Main Kitchen, will be opening a dining room in the fall. Contact The Main Kitchen for more information and reservations.

Old Port Project

Our electrician is installing stainless steel ceiling fans in the Old Port.

Old Port Project

We finished tiling the showers, now we are ready to tile the floors.

Old Port Project

Our master tiler hard at work tiling the showers in the Old Port.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Keep your next hot summer party cool with one of our fiery bartenders.

Old Port Project

We are assembling these great designer kitchen cabinets from Ikea for our reno in the Old Port.

Real Estate Photography

Professional pictures go a long way when it comes to promoting your property listing. A photographer can bring out the potential of your home through high quality images and can make the difference in a prospective buyers first impression and the time it takes to sell your listing. Give us a call to ask us about our recommendations. 514.268.5938

Custom Wine Racks

Allow your hobby to grow into a passion. We can design and build custom wine cellars and wine racks for any size collection.

Old Port Project

Doing some last minute paint touch ups. What do you think about the accent wall in the kitchen?

Old Port Project

The floors are finished and we giving them a clean before we cover them up for the remainder of the renovation.

Studio Graphics

Studio Graphics specializes in designing and installing custom vinyl wraps for for any type of vehicle or trailer, including our company van!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Friday, August 9, 2013

Old Port Project

Installing beautiful birch hardwood flooring in the Old Port.

Les Ateliers Stone Age

As interior designers, we are always looking for new and unique materials to work with. We would like to recommend an amazing store that supplies an impressive variety of hand-selected natural cut stone to embellish your home with a uniqueness like no other.

Old Port Project

Doing some last minute touch ups. Here's our plaster guy making is making it look easy!

If you're looking for a great plaster guy for some touch ups around the house, give us a call for our recommendations 514.268.5938

Old Port Project

The ceiling is painted, now we're ready to install the spot lights.

New Floors

Installing new modern floating floors over old parquetry flooring at our members apartment in Beaconsfield.

Old Port Project

We chose to airbrush the primer as a fast and efficient way to get the whole job done in one day.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Old Port Project

Installing a temporary sink to keep our hands and tools clean while we work. 

Joel Weber Musique

Joel Weber Musique is a local music school that offers private guitar, bass or drum lessons tailored to meet the needs of musicians at any age and level right in the comfort of their own home.

Nelco Plumbing & Heating Supplies

Nelco Wholesale Plumbing & Heating Supplies offers a wide selection of kitchen and bathroom fixtures in their beautiful showroom, perfect for home renovations projects at an unbeatable price!

Custom Crate

Special Request of the Week:

Customizing a crate for a motorcycle that will be shipped overseas.

Hudson Music Festival

The Hudson Music Festival is here and supporting local professional and amateur musicians as well as hosting artists from out of the region for its 7th year! In Hudson from July 29 - August 4.

Old Port Project

Just finishing up a last minute design in the kitchen.

Old Port Project

We are waterproofing the showers in the Old Port with a Schluter waterproofing membrane. We recommend using the Schluter-System as the perfect base and sealer for any tile installation project.

Old Port Project

Just finished restoring these beautiful windows in the Old Port. 


Bartending for a private party in Hudson last weekend featuring our custom penny bar.